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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Murder of ...


I've been looking into the myths and legends of crows and ravens for my new exhibition happening in september. I want to create a new body of work based on the positive beliefs about these birds rather than the ominous. I'm looking into subject matter such as two crows seen on your wedding day signifies an auspicious marriage due to the fact that crows mate for life and are very loyal. Also how the cry of the raven sounds like the latin word for 'tomorrow' which is 'cras' and therefore the romans interpreted it as an expression of eternal hope.

I've also looked through etsy for crow and raven images for inspiration. Here are a number of beautiful examples of how these birds are used in art.

I have to admit, I have purchased a few of these already, I couldn't resist them and went into late night shopping mode!

Oh! also, I've joined twitter. I'm still new to it and not entirely sure what it's all about but i think I'm starting to like it!


Unknown said...

What a great collection! Thank you for including my drawing.

Gayle Ketzel said...

Don't you just love these guys! Grand selection! Thanks for including my work,

Emmie said...

I love the mythology and legend aspect of your post, what great etsy finds too. Fabulous! Best wishes Em

jo horswill said...

Bridget, I love crows...they are stunning! This selection is amazing to see...looking forward to seeing your new work.