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Friday, October 17, 2008

My Love for a Cup

Well, I'm back in the gorgeous smelling, warm aired, bright sunlit land of Melbourne after 3 weeks in the UK. Most of the time I spent in Belfast visiting family and then the last four days I spent in London. Most of my friends have drifted down to London now so it's a good catch up. Although, London tires me out, so I always decide four days is long enough.

While I was in London I went to Origin, the applied arts fair. It is on for 2 weeks in October and many of my arty friends have stalls, so again, it is a good place for me to visit and see everyone.

At Origin I fell hopelessly in love with Sue Binns pottery. I kept coming back to her stall and in the end, even though my suitcases were full, I decided I had to buy something and bring it home to Australia. I decided upon the most gorgeous pair of cups and I don't regret my decision for an instant (even though Australian dollar against the pound made them quite a lot of money!) Every time I catch a glance of them I am filled with delight. I think it is important to buy things that bring you so much joy!

I am also adding a number of new websites to my list of artists I admire. Have a look at them, their work is beautiful. They include :-
*my very good friend Adele Brereton who makes delicate hand raised silver jewellery. (if I ever get married I want her to make my wedding ring!!)
*Cathy Miles, who makes incredibly lovely wire birds and other objects. I was drawn to her work because I used to make a lot of wire object, including birds ( of course!)
*Helen Beard, who I went to my foundation art course with in Liverpool. She makes gorgeous hand thrown ceramics and adorns them with hand drawn figures, flowers and trees.
*Teresa Green, who screen prints onto fabrics and creates delightful garments and bags from them. My friend Alison McLeod (jeweller) has one of her purses and it gets commented on all the time!

Now, after seeing so many inspirational things I want to get down to making making making!


Kate Moore said...

Welcome home and thank you for your little travel digests. While you were away I flipped out on my blog over rubbish found in a wilderness reserve. The posts went on and I mentioned that I was to send you some summer rocket and coriander seed. I am soooo sorry but I killed off your address. Can you email me again with where you're at - new house, or old house or wherever you receive mail - and I promise I'll write the address somewhere safe. Not leave it in my inbox for one of my "delete all" moments. See my rants here.

Nikki said...

I brought ceramics back from Ireland when I came home six years ago. They're still some of my most treasured pieces. I'm SO GLAD they didn't break in transit!