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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Sketches From Art College Days

Since I have replaced my old website a few of my old sketches are no longer viewable, but I still like them, so I thought I'd show a few on here.

I used to travel between London and Edinburgh every so often. On this train journey we'd travel through the North of England, through York and through Darlington. I saw this trolly at Darlington Station and reading the notice on it made me chuckle. Poor lost trolly!

This is Francis, he was one of our life models at art college and probably one of the best. He was a former ballet dancer but must have injured himself because he used to walk with a limp. I used to only bring a pencil or a graphite stick with me to life drawing classes, but this drawing I felt needed a bit of shading and maybe a bit of alternative colour. I had nothing to use though...... until I thought to colour him in with a piece of chocolate I was eating. Chocolate is even more important to bring to life drawing classes now!

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Cathy said...

Absolutely love this drawing. What a great idea for shading. I would never have thought of it...LOL